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We are not arrogant, just irreverent. We love to break the rules - but only to serve our customers and disrupt markets. We are uncompromising in our beliefs about how businesses, especially startups, succeed. It needs people who are extraordinarily committed to their own success as well as those around them.

Someday we'll have employees. Right now, we want only co-founders. People who have skin in the game and want to reap the rich rewards of ownership. Who will work for equity until the company is viable. And who want big rewards for great work...


Below are the skills and abilities we will need, listed in no particular order. One person may have one or more of them. One is enough, if you make it count.
  • You are a Marketing Guru who is comfortable with markets in India and the USA, perhaps other markets too.
  • You have consumer product marketing experience in at least one of those markets.
  • You are a hard core IoT techie and in weeks or days you can build a prototype that works.
  • You have worked on drones or driverless cars, either on hardware or software or both.
  • You have logistics experience and preferably worked at least a mid-management position in a logistics company.
  • You have experience in hyper-local
  • You’ve done a (non-equity) crowdfunding campaign.
  • You’ve built partnerships by talking to the C-Level as well as ground level employees of a partner.
  • You are an entrepreneur at heart and have founded or co-founded a company.
  • Add your own if you think this list is incomplete
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  • You know the Lean Startup Method and have internalized hypothesis testing
  • You think big and act on it – changing the world excites you and you are optimistic
  • You are creative, innovative and understand future trends
  • You don’t do drama, politics or talk bigger than you can do
  • You have high integrity – in fact people think of you when they use the word integrity
  • You live in Pune (most preferred), Silicon Valley (next preferred), and/or are willing to relocate anywhere in the world as needed to make this happen
  • You don’t pay attention to boundaries (except those of morality and decency)
  • You are humble, but understand and pursue excellence
  • You can live without cash remuneration for at least six to twelve months, and will accept equity
  • You hire people smarter than yourself but also don’t mind working with someone who is not as smart as you (including founders!)
  • You believe in flat organizations – there are no “menial tasks”
  • You are responsible and accountable for your actions and decisions
  • You understand why this list looks the way it does, in fact, it’s the kind of list you would make and you understand that there is nothing like a complete list
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We are looking for partners for whom "It's never been done before" is not an obstacle, but an opportunity.

    We want to partner with
  • companies who are in the business of logisitcs, particularly last-mile pickup and delivery.
  • retailers - both online and brick-and-mortar.
  • manufacturers with a culture of excellence and flexibility.
  • vendors, especially of electronic components.
  • fabricators and molders especially in plastics and fibre-glass.
  • engineers and companies in the unmanned vehicles space.
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