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  • Failed deliveries (i.e. customer not home to receive packages) increase the cost to your logisitics provider and this is passed on to your business. Failed deliveries increase logistics cost by up to three times!
  • Studies have shown that 50% of online shoppers have abandoned an online purchase due to lack of delivery options
  • Customers were asked "Thinking about delivery options, what would make you more likely to buy online?". The top response was "A fixed date for my delivery (31%). This of course points to their unwillingness to hold all other activities in anticipation of delivery
  • A large %age of online shoppers want convenience in Delivery Options and this affects purchasing decisions
  • Delivery will continue to be an issue as your shoppers' purchases increase exponentially across demographics and geographies
  • Demographics are shifting (or have already) to busier lives and empty homes in the daytime.
  • Bottom line? You can increase customer satisfaction and therefore an increase in spending on your site because of reliable and ontime delivery.
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  • Guaranteed delivery in one attempt!
  • See a doubling of your delivery rate.
  • More orders at retailers due to reliable delivery means more business for you.
  • Improves your relationship with retailers.
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Real Estate

  • No more package management or storage issues - the office or security detail don't need to store packages for tenants.
  • Add our solution as a built-in amenity to make your development more attractive.
  • Technology is known to add disproportionate value to a home or development.
  • Early adoption will create a competitive advantage.
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  • We are eager to use the best and latest components to get a significant cometitive advantage.
  • Huge volumes are expected!
  • Your brand can be included on our products.
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  • Any and all statements on this website and all our collateral should be taken as "forwand looking statements" as defined by the US SEC. No legal or binding understanding should be derived from any such collateral.
  • We would love to talk to investors who bring more than just money to the table. We follow the "Very Lean Startup Methodology". We dream big and act small.
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