The Ultimate Convenience...

Give your tenants, buyers and residents a convenience that they will love - one that they will love !

eCommerce, food and other merchant deliveries are exploding! But that brings its own share of headaches for Prperty Managers and residents, especially when residents are not home to collect their parcels. Security and Safety become an issue!

Not any more!

The PodBank sits in a Lobby or Public Area and collects parcels for residents. The delivery person deposits a parcel into one of the Pods of the PodBank and sends a code to the recipient. The parcels can be picked up any time by the recipient using that code/OTP. Delivery people don't have to wander all over the building to deliver packages. And recipients don't have to be present to receive ther parcels.

Now, tenants can get anytime delivery of...

  • eCommerce Parcels
  • Groceries
  • "Kirana"
  • Magazines
  • Keys
  • Food
  • Medicines
  • ...anything at all!

...the PodBank will hold it securely until it is time to pick up!