Let's Do This

Your Ad on our Screens!

Are you ready to capture 100s or 1000s of eyeballs?

All PodBanks are equipped with large full color touch screens at eye level. Screens are used to login and interact with the terminal to pickup packages. During this interaction, messages are unobtrusive, but clearly visible and can be customized to the user and past history. After Logout, or when the screen is not in use, ads are rotated onto the screen to capture the attention of passers by. Since PodBanks are placed in lobbies, entrances and similar high-visibility locations, there is a huge volume of visitors who pass these screens every day!
Large & Bright Screens
We tie-up with Ecommerce & Courier companies as well as local merchants to get their parcels delivered to the customer through our PodBanks. This helps these companies save on delivery costs and at the same time, improve Customer Satisfaction. Thus, it brings convenience to everyone in the logistics chain and increases both, profi¬tability and convenience.
High Traffic
PodBanks are placed at entrances, in ATM lobbies, near gates and similar areas where traffic is high.