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We are Podrones, an Innovative
Startup serving Banks...

The most Secure and Convenient delivery system for Check Books, Cards and Documents.

Imagine your customers being able to pickup their Check Books, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Loan Documents or anything else from the bank 24x7 - even when the branch is closed!

Why use PodBanks?
With busier lifestyles, and families with more than one working professional, empty homes in the daytime are becoming the norm. Therefore, many bank customers are not home to receive important bank related shipments such as credit cards, debit cards, check books and so on. They often ask for these documents to be delivered to the branch so that they can pick them up at their convenience.
Reduce congestion in the branch!
In other cases, missed deliveries to homes also result in the items being redirected to the branch. This can result in long lines and crowded branches – especially busy locations. Further, bank personnel are often interrupted at their desks and taken away from core banking functions to search and hand over these items to impatient customers. a bank employee may spend from 10 to 30 minutes on one item! This does not include the productivity loss from interruptions and resulting distraction from their primary activity.
Many unique features!
From our extensive experience working with large banks, we have identified the major points of friction and have created unique solutions to address these issues. These solutions take into account the unique needs of banks especially those relating to seurity and government regulations. We continuously monitor customer shipments to find even more opportunities to improve efficiency and security unique to eacch customer. Not only that, we have created systems that allow us to determine risks for each shipment that enters our system, sometimes even before receiving the physical parcel!
Volume Management
We can manage the flow of documents to the PodBank, by controlling the number of deliveries by third parties. This can be done via the API in a completely automated process.
Flow Management
Similar to Volume Management, we create automated processes for the inflow and outflow of documents including redelivery, Return To Origin (RTO), return to branch and so on.
Intelligent Routing
Our proprietary software manges the routes of delivery personnel to ensure that the routes used are the most efficient. This process combines Delivery as well as Pickup (e.g. for RTO), Doorstep Delivery and other modes.
Risk Management
We actively attempt contact with Consignees to ensure that phone numbers are corrwct and verify the same against the names and other provided information.
Data Cleanup/Validation
When Data is missing, incomplete or incorrect, we attempt to fill in the missing information or correct it as required. Our proces to do this is secure and validated with both COnsignees as well as Senders.
Rerouting/Deliver Anywhere
Has your customer moved? Are they closer to a different branch? No worries! We can move a shipment to the branch closest to your customer!