It's all about Convenience!

You’re a busy professional…

Do you really have time to wait at home for your parcel?

Whether you are shopping online for groceries, electronic items, books, fashion or anything else, you or someone in your household needs to be home to collect the delivery.

For that matter, the local kirana shop or pharmacy needs to deliver and they invariably want to deliver when you are not home. Or maybe you need to coordinate getting keys to or from a friend, maybe your aunt wants to drop off some gajar-halwa! You have to be home during office hours to collect your goods.

Or imagine you are in an important meeting at work when you get a call informing you that if you don’t collect your eCommerce delivery, it will be returned.

You could direct your delivery to your office but do you really want your office to be entertained by your private purchases?

What about that Pizza or Chinese delivery - wouldn't you want it waiting for you when you get home? And not at your neighbors' either! (You'd have to offer to share)

Concerned about safety or security and you (Even your kids or old parent) don’t want to open the door to delivery guys when alone, this is also for you.

Groceries? Not at your neighbor's or your office - that's for sure!

Will your neighbor always come to your rescue?

We have a solution!

If you regularly get deliveries but usually (or even sometimes) no one is home to collect the parcel, then you’ll love our solution! Buy Now!! Or read more below...

HomePodTM by Podrones!

A HomePod is an elegant box that sits at your doorstep and collects packages for you.

Operate it remotely or give any delivery person a one Time Pin/Password (OTP) to open it!
No one home? No Problem! The delivery person unlocks the Pod with an OTP (or you can do it remotely) and leaves the package in the Pod.
The built-in camera takes pictures or a video (your choice) of the delivery from the moment the HomePod is unlocked, so not only do you have proof of delivery, but you can also see if the delivery person removes or damages something (like a previous delivery).
But wait! There's more!
Having groceries delivered? An optional cooling system will keep them cool and crisp! And you can turn it on and off - remotely!
What about Pizza or that hot food from your favorite restaurant? No problem again! Turn on or off the heating element and keep it warm till you reach home.
 It's all about Convenience and your life...

How it Works

How it Works


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