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PodBanks positively impact Employee Productivity & Company’s bottom line

How much time do employees in office complexes waste just picking up parcels?

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Retail Resurgence Post-Covid19?

Is the economy doomed after the Covid shock? Our leaders think otherwise...

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About Podrones Patent #10,621,5430

A seminal patent awarded to our founder. This may be the final word on deliveries by any kind of unmanned vehicle.

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Contactless Pickup from a PodBank

PodBanks allow users to collect their shipments using a QR code which they can generate themselves. Once obtained the QR code can be easily scanned on the scanner attached to the PodBank. The Pod (Locker) containing their shipment opens automatically. The interface even logs out the user without having to touch the screen.
This allows a safe pickup experience and adds to the peace of mind of the user using the PodBank.

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How to Collect Packages, Documents from a PodBank

The video shows you how to collect packages and documents from a PodBank.

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